Ingrid Brück Bøgh


European Registered Toxicologist

Owner/Founder of IBB Consulting


IBB Consulting can support your drug development program with substantial preclinical safety experience covering small molecule and biologic drug candidates (including peptides, mAbs, ADC, DART, RIT) within a multitude of indications, and previous assignments include metabolic diseases, oncology, vaccines, imaging agents, haemophilia, growth disorder, CNS, cardiovascular or inflammatory diseases, disorders due to calcification or protein misfolding.

Before starting IBB Consulting in May 2017, I headed up the Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology department at Novo Nordisk A/S for 9 years, since 2014 as Vice President. In this function I have together with my team guided more than 30 drug development projects successfully into clinical trials, overlooked 100+ non-clinical sections of INDs/IMPDs, and several new compounds were approved for marketing in US and EU.

Analytical thinking and finding solutions to scientific challenges trigger my enthusiasm and   

I thrive working together with ambitious, result-orientated teams. My international educational background (DVM - Germany, PhD - Australia,  DVSC - Denmark), employment in industry as well as academia and my publication list document a strong international scientific track record.

I am eager to contribute to your organisation with my experience from a large variety of toxicology programs, drug safety evaluations and regulatory interactions, my skills as Study Director and Study Monitor, experiences in outsourcing strategies ensuring efficient study conduct, relevant data interpretation and good quality reports, solid expertise within toxicology, incl. expert knowledge within reproductive, developmental and juvenile toxicology and as a facilitator of academia-industry collaborations.


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Advisory Partners

As a responsible scientist it is crucial to recognize your own limitations and acknowledge the expertise of others. Therefore IBB Consulting has partner agreements with relevant experts in various related areas, who can be consulted upon prior agreement with my clients. 

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